The terminology of audio phenomena in digital sound archives

On the occasion of the 2018 World Day For Audiovisual Heritage on October 27th, Gecko presents its study on an aspect of the audio archiving practice.

This presentation was initially given during the IASA 2018 Annual Conference in Ghana on October 3rd, 2018.

It was recorded to open more widely the debate to those who are absent, but also to people interested in the subject, whatever your place of residence and involvement in the field of the archive. The video will serve as a basis for discussion and reflection on the issues it raises.

The description of audio flaws and peculiarities of a sound document is part of the audio archiving practice as it formulates the link between the history of the carrier and the nature of the recorded sound, at the time of digitization.

In a context of worldwide globalization and sharing, the accessibility of audio collections cannot do without a good understandability of the idioms used in this description. Yet, we observe that the terminologies used are not the same between two countries, two institutions, two digital collections, two digitization operators.

With 13 years of experience in digitizing audio carriers for major European institutions, Gecko has acquired a valuable knowledge of these issues and wishes to share a practical survey on the homogenization of the specific descriptive audio technical words, based on past and on-going digitization projects.

An approach will be proposed by Emiliano Flores that avoids both inaccurate or erroneous idioms and prevents the coexistence of many different words for one audio phenomenon.

The presentation also aims at opening a discussion on the topic of one-to-one idiom matches between languages, with the future in mind.

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Gecko team will be present at the FIAT / IFTA World Conference 2018!

The 42nd Annual World Conference will be held from 9th to 12th October 2018 at Palazzio Labia.

This meeting aims at gathering all professionals in the field of audiovisual archives and inviting them to exchange on the following theme: “The Archive’s Renaissance: Navigating the Future, Channeling the Past”. During four complete days, conferences, presentations and workshops will follow one another to allow a transmission of knowledge and the continuity of debates already launched at an international level.

Partners in the preservation of your sound archives, we will be present in Venice during the entire conference to meet you, share our knowledge and enhance our common experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are attending the conference.

See you soon !

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