Interviews of the RTS team in charge of the lacquer discs digitization project (FR-speaking version)

We are pleased to share with you the interviews of the RTS team that contributed to the organization of the famous RTS lacquer discs digitization project.

We hear Françoise Clément, FONSART’s General Secretary, who explains the general context, as well as Patricia Herold, Head of the FONSART digitization projects. We would like to share with you a few words that are of particular meaning to us:

“Fairly quickly, we found in with the service provider Gecko the capacity to propose not only in terms of volume to be processed but also in terms of specificity, (…) an adequate response to our needs (…)”.


You will also find in this report Rebecca Rochat, Francine Margot, Caroline Neeser, Shawnee Bardet, Olivier Wenger and Olivier Mertens.

The project in a few figures:

50,000 lacquer discs processed
– 2 specific funds: Radio Lausanne/Radio Genève
– 30 Paris-Lausanne trips
– 8 years of partnership

Many thanks to the whole RTS team!