VIAA awards Gecko its 6,800 cassettes digitization project

We are pleased to announce the imminent start-up of the VIAA-led audio cassettes digitization project.

announcer-316587_1280This batch, one of the two offered by VIAA (one audio and one video) consists of media collected from 28 content partners, with a total of almost 6,800 audio cassettes, to be processed in our facilities for one year.

Our team, trained and experienced in the handling, transport and processing of unique documents are key assets that ensure proper organization of the project.

The parallelized digitization chain linked to our internally-developed database control and management software, combined with our capacity to process more than 20,000 cassettes a year, will also enable us to efficiently meet the technical requirements of the project, as soon as practicable.

About VIAA

VIAA is the Institute for Archiving, created in 2012 by the Flemish Government (Belgium), whose tasks are as follows:

– Digitization: digitizing existing material from the heritage and media sectors;
– Archiving: long-term storage of digital material and indexation so that it can be used by different audiences;
– Dissemination: making digital material available, to schools, libraries and researchers, among others.

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The terminology of audio phenomena in digital sound archives

On the occasion of the 2018 World Day For Audiovisual Heritage on October 27th, Gecko presents its study on an aspect of the audio archiving practice.

This presentation was initially given during the IASA 2018 Annual Conference in Ghana on October 3rd, 2018.

It was recorded to open more widely the debate to those who are absent, but also to people interested in the subject, whatever your place of residence and involvement in the field of the archive. The video will serve as a basis for discussion and reflection on the issues it raises.

The description of audio flaws and peculiarities of a sound document is part of the audio archiving practice as it formulates the link between the history of the carrier and the nature of the recorded sound, at the time of digitization.

In a context of worldwide globalization and sharing, the accessibility of audio collections cannot do without a good understandability of the idioms used in this description. Yet, we observe that the terminologies used are not the same between two countries, two institutions, two digital collections, two digitization operators.

With 13 years of experience in digitizing audio carriers for major European institutions, Gecko has acquired a valuable knowledge of these issues and wishes to share a practical survey on the homogenization of the specific descriptive audio technical words, based on past and on-going digitization projects.

An approach will be proposed by Emiliano Flores that avoids both inaccurate or erroneous idioms and prevents the coexistence of many different words for one audio phenomenon.

The presentation also aims at opening a discussion on the topic of one-to-one idiom matches between languages, with the future in mind.

More details on 2018 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.


Gecko team will be present at the FIAT / IFTA World Conference 2018!

The 42nd Annual World Conference will be held from 9th to 12th October 2018 at Palazzio Labia.

This meeting aims at gathering all professionals in the field of audiovisual archives and inviting them to exchange on the following theme: “The Archive’s Renaissance: Navigating the Future, Channeling the Past”. During four complete days, conferences, presentations and workshops will follow one another to allow a transmission of knowledge and the continuity of debates already launched at an international level.

Partners in the preservation of your sound archives, we will be present in Venice during the entire conference to meet you, share our knowledge and enhance our common experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are attending the conference.

See you soon !

More details on FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2018.



Discover our vision for archiving at IASA 2018 in Ghana!

The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives will host its 49th conference in Accra this year, from October 1st to 4th.

iasa_ghana_2018-800pxAll participants will be received at the Institute of African Studies to share information on the topic of “Access and Accessibility – Archival Policies and Barriers in the Age of Global Information Exchange”.

On this occasion, Jean-Baptiste Meunier (CEO) and Emiliano Flores (Project Manager) will be on site to present a study entitled “Towards a shared standard terminology in the description of audio phenomena in sound archives of the global digital era”.

Our experience in processing tens of thousands of audio archives has allowed us to highlight the challenges and difficulties to standardize terms used in audio archiving, giving to future generations a unified documentation about the processed carriers.

Our Project Manager will give a presentation on October 3rd at 10 a.m., to propose practical solutions and open up the discussion on that subject.

Read the extract of the conference here.

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Gecko acquires a Pyramix DSD workstation

DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is to audio what RAW is to image: pure.

Some audio archives need particular attention. Unique albums, unpublished recordings or multitrack tapes are all rare and monetizable carriers, in a more than ever high-definition-oriented audio market.

In partnership with Numérisson, Gecko acquires a Pyramix MassCore Pro DSD workstation, combined with a Horus interface. Both conceived by Merging Technologies, they allow to digitize audio carriers at very high sampling frequencies.


With its unique 1-bit coding technology, it is possible to export multiple PCM audio files from this digital archiving audio format, of any resolution (16 or 24 bit) and sampling frequency (44.1 to 384 kHz), while retaining its sonic properties.

Digitization of analog audio carriers will now be possible up to DSD 256 fs format, also known as DSD Quad. Its sampling frequency, 256 times higher than a CD, allows audio to be captured with an exceptional definition (11.2 MHz), ideal in case of reediting or remastering, thus responding to long-term digital archival issues.

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Join us at AES Culpeper 2018!

Gecko will be present at the 2018 AES International Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration (AAP&R), which will be held in the United States from June 28th to 30th.


This conference will present a remarkable opportunity to bring researchers and professionals together for 3 days to discuss critical preservation issues and focus on strategies that will support and encourage collaboration between industry and the archiving community.

We would be very happy to meet you at the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, located in Culpeper, Virginia, to exchange on your audio digitization, transfer or restoration projects. Experts on saving tens of thousands of discs, magnetic tapes and digital supports, our clients are among the most important institutions and record companies.

To obtain more information about our services or give us a project, feel free to contact us.

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Gecko is awarded new BnF contract



We are pleased to announce the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) has chosen Gecko again for its new reel-to-reel tapes, DAT and cassettes digitization contract.


This collaboration, with an estimated duration of 4 years, follows the previous contract started in 2013, and its aim is to preserve several major audio archives.

Thanks to our expertise and a large fleet of analog and digital machines, we are already up for the challenge. Additional information will be available very soon regarding the details of this project.


About the BnF

The Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Its missions are to collect, preserve, enrich and make available the national documentary heritage. First major institution responsible for the legal deposit, it is the most important library in France, and one of the most important in the world.


For more information about the BnF, click here.

Photo: copyright © Dominique Perrault Architecture. All rights reserved.
Digitization of audio cassettes Gecko

French biopic Barbara gets an Award for Best Sound

Fench movie “Barbara” just got a Cesar Award yesterday for Best Sound (alongside with the Cesar for Best actress) at the 2018 Cesars ceremony.

We are extremely proud to have played a part with the digitization of the live recordings that you can hear in the movie !

Maria by Callas, in theaters today

Today is the release of Maria By Callas in theaters in France and around the world (Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, China…).


Written by and produced by movie director and Callas specialist Tom Volf, this 90-minute documentary is above everything the result of tremendous work. With an absolute true love for his subject, Volf spent no less than three years around the globe searching, collecting and acquiring never seen and never heard before archives of the most famous female opera singer in the world.


Between May 2016 and October 2017, we at Gecko have had the pleasure and the privilege to digitze more than a hundred reel tapes and about fourty cassette tapes for the making of this movie, as they were progressively found and brought back to France. Often kept and stored in the less ideal conditions, sometimes in a pretty poor shape, those tapes contained hours of interviews, rehearsals and live recordings. They recquired (sometimes heavy) physical restoration before playback to reach the best possible quality, and we are of course very proud of contributing to revive this incedible experience that’s listening to Maria Callas, singing.





We have been recently entrusted with a collection of 1,000 french chanson 78rpm shellac records from the 30’s. The songs contained in this one-of-a kind series are selected film songs typical of the historical period, often with a forward vocalist accompanied by a richly arranged score for small orchestra. Some lively and down-to-earth accordion songs can be heard, too. The collection features artists such as Maurice Chevalier and Charles Trénet, among lesser-known vocalists. The record labels are Columbia, Gramophone, Odeon, Parlophone, Pathé…

This digitization and restoration project has just been completed by our staff. Collection owner BNF-Partenariats is currently seeking for the best distribution partners.

The resulting files are not yet available online but you can hear some before/after audio restoration clips below :

Our 10-year long experience in 78rpm discs digitization and digital audio restoration for the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) and more recently for the Radio-Television Suisse (RTS) made it easy for us to quickly setup top-notch carriage, cleaning, databasing and digitization processes as well as a highly-tailored restoration process which included the production of two different restored audio files for each disc side. Complete metadata and photographs of the discs were also delivered.

Our real-world-optimized workflow makes for a highly cost-effective approach.

If you feel you might be interested in having your audio archives restored by us, please feel free to contact us at