Gecko acquires a Pyramix DSD workstation

DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is to audio what RAW is to image: pure.

Some audio archives need particular attention. Unique albums, unpublished recordings or multitrack tapes are all rare and monetizable carriers, in a more than ever high-definition-oriented audio market.

In partnership with Numérisson, Gecko acquires a Pyramix MassCore Pro DSD workstation, combined with a Horus interface. Both conceived by Merging Technologies, they allow to digitize audio carriers at very high sampling frequencies.


With its unique 1-bit coding technology, it is possible to export multiple PCM audio files from this digital archiving audio format, of any resolution (16 or 24 bit) and sampling frequency (44.1 to 384 kHz), while retaining its sonic properties.

Digitization of analog audio carriers will now be possible up to DSD 256 fs format, also known as DSD Quad. Its sampling frequency, 256 times higher than a CD, allows audio to be captured with an exceptional definition (11.2 MHz), ideal in case of reediting or remastering, thus responding to long-term digital archival issues.

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