Maria by Callas, in theaters today

Today is the release of Maria By Callas in theaters in France and around the world (Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, China…).


Written by and produced by movie director and Callas specialist Tom Volf, this 90-minute documentary is above everything the result of tremendous work. With an absolute true love for his subject, Volf spent no less than three years around the globe searching, collecting and acquiring never seen and never heard before archives of the most famous female opera singer in the world.


Between May 2016 and October 2017, we at Gecko have had the pleasure and the privilege to digitze more than a hundred reel tapes and about fourty cassette tapes for the making of this movie, as they were progressively found and brought back to France. Often kept and stored in the less ideal conditions, sometimes in a pretty poor shape, those tapes contained hours of interviews, rehearsals and live recordings. They recquired (sometimes heavy) physical restoration before playback to reach the best possible quality, and we are of course very proud of contributing to revive this incedible experience that’s listening to Maria Callas, singing.


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