The Nuremberg Recordings – Listening to the XXth century– At IASA annual conference, 1st October 2019 (HILVERSUM, NL)



The Nuremberg trial was certainly one of the key moments of the XXth century. Only a small percentage of the trial was filmed, but the entirety of its verbatim audio was recorded on two complete sets of lacquer discs, each containing around 4000 disc sides of 15 minutes.

The “A” set, recorded on the best type of Presto discs, has been preserved by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands, and has now been moved to the National Archives of the Netherlands.

The French GECKO company has completed the digitization and digital restoration of this collection.
In this presentation, our project manager will discuss the various technical aspects of this outstanding project, revealing new documentary elements along the way.

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20th september, 2019

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